For suppliers

We regularly purchase large quantities of goods needed for the manufacture of forged items and for trade in our online store. Our company is open to cooperation with all interested people and organizations. If you produce metal products, build or sell metal products, we are happy to mutually beneficial cooperation and communication with you.

Suppliers of goods are determined through tenders, as we are interested in the best ratio of price and quality.

Let's consider all offers on the given group of the goods:

  • Metal rolling;
  • Stamped elements;
  • Forged elements;
  • Finished forged products;
  • Consumables;
  • Welding materials;
  • Equipment for welding shop;
  • Packaging materials and more.

Tender proposal format

  • Title: "Tender proposal for supply [the subject of delivery]".
  • Tenderer: the company name, contacts, requisites.
  • The essence of the proposal: a list of goods, prices.
  • A few lines about your company, the benefits of cooperation.

Briefly about us

Nova Kovka is a large manufacturer and importer of forged elements in Ukraine with 7 years experience. The assortment of goods is constantly increasing with the associated goods in order to provide the widest and most complete choice to its customers.

We don't stop on the achieved

For 7 years we have served more than 7000 clients. We created an affiliate network of 250 blacksmith shops. We have implemented a system for accounting and fast customer service, which allows us to adhere to the highest standards of service.
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